Role Switcheroo

4 Nov

Yesterday morning as I was eating breakfast and surfing the net I discovered it was National Men Make Dinner Day! wwhhhaaatttt! Didn’t know such a day even existed! But I was pumped! I immediately grabbed my phone and texted the hubby! And his response “I would love to make you dinner tonight! I will be home by 6:30!” yessss! I was off the hook again!

Then the guilt kicked in. I have the day off from work and at home doing nothing. He’s at work all day racking his brain. And then I expect him to make me dinner while I sit back and sip some wine. Something wrong with this picture.

So I set off to do him a little favor as well!

When we were looking at houses to buy we made a big list of things we would want our dream home to have. One of those things being a yard with mature trees. Can someone remind of why we wanted that? I’m not gonna lie, it sure is nice having the shade during the summer. But dang, there are A LOT of leaves on those trees!

And the look on his face when he walked in the door was priceless! Of course I strategically left the rake sitting out in the garage so he would see it and take a look in the backyard! I must say, he was very impressed! Score one point for the wife! (now it’s his task to suck ’em all up with the leaf eatin’ machine and haul them to the yard waste site!)

And now for National Men Make Dinner Day…..

Zach dinner choice took us a little trip back to Italy! A good ‘ol authentic Italian meal! Pasta with an olive oil, pesto, and parmesan sauce!

One of our last days in Italy our tour took us along the Amalfi Coast to beautiful Positano! At one of the rest stops along the way there was a little fresh fruit stand that also sold dry herb and seasoning packets! I walked away with a bag of juicy cherries and two herb packets! One of them being pesto!

Delicious! Bursting with basil flavor! And so easy! Just needed to add a little olive oil!

I think I could get used to him cooking dinner every night!


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