Friday Fun!

28 Oct

I had the privilege of spending my Friday morning with two adorable little tikes! Quite possibly the cutest kids ever! And of course I think that, because they are my niece and nephew! And I love them to death!

Now don’t you agree? Fake “cheese” smile and all! At least today he let me take his picture! Which isn’t always the case. Usually he covers his face or runs the opposite direction. Little stinker!

His eyes were barely open this morning and he was already begging to play with playdough! Love that stuff! Brings me right back to the good ‘ol days of making spaghetti and meatballs and having my grandma take a bite! And yes she actually sank her teeth into it!

She woke up grinning from ear to ear and thankfully it continued most of the morning! This little bumbo chair is the niftiest thing ever! And she absolutely loves it!

Place her in the bumbo chair in front of some cartoons, and she will be totally content! Stared at the tv for an hour without a single peep!

But the best part of the day was….Whipping up a batch of cupcakes with my ‘lil buddy! Apparently baking is his new favorite thing! And boy does he have a sweet tooth! Obviously we share the same genes!


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