Food Rules!

23 Oct

I can probably count on my two hands the number of fictional books I have read in my lifetime. And three-fourths of those were likely some kind of school assignment. I just can’t sit still long enough and actually focus. And when I am “reading” my mind  is always off thinking about something else. Usually about the fifty million other things I should be doing instead of sitting on my rear reading some fake story. Dang undiagnosed ADHD gets me every time.

I do, however, thoroughly enjoy reading non-fiction books! Especially ones about health and fitness! And cookbooks, if ya count those as books! I usually end up bringing these books to the gym, which also works as a little motivation to not push the “stop/reset button.”

I just picked up a new book at the library, non-fiction of course, and am super excited! Food Rules by Michael Pollan. A little handbook containing sixty four rules to guide every day food choices. Whether at the grocery store, restaurant, or at home preparing dinner.

I already know I am going to like this book. First of all, only 140 pages! Definitely something my short attention span can handle. And rule number one is “Eat Food.” Won’t be breaking this rule anytime soon!


One Response to “Food Rules!”

  1. Sarah October 23, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    Well way to make me feel bad for reading my stories! I’m officially done following your blog!!!! (well just until the next recipe pops up in my inbox!)

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